SeeQC.EU Superconducting Quantum Technologies

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  • Oleg Mukhanov - Managing Director
  • Igor Vernik - Technical Director
  • Roberta Caruso - Postdoctoral researcher
  • Alessandro Miano - Graduate student researcher
  • Halima Ahmad - Graduate student researcher

Scientific Advisory Board

  • Professor Francesco Tafuri
  • Professor Giampiero Pepe

SeeQC.EU develops and commercializes superconducting quantum technologies for a variety of quantum information processing applications including scalable fault-tolerant quantum computers and simulators, quantum communications, and quantum sensors. As part of this effort, SeeQC.EU works closely with European university partners to transition innovative research into commercially viable quantum technology products.

SeeQC.EU, s.r.l. (http://seeqc.eu) is a European-based and operated company started up with Hypres investment, registered in Rome and having research and development laboratories in Naples, Italy. It is independent from Hypres in both financial and operational aspects.

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SeeQC.EU R&D laboratories is well equipped with helium immersion probes and extensive test equipment for evaluation of low-noise, high-speed and high-sensitivity superconducting circuits for quantum information processing.

It features several test stations with oscilloscopes, signal generators, network/spectrum analyzers and low-noise current sources for complete characterization of superconductor integrated circuits.

It also has a full suite of electronic circuit design tools for superconducting integrated circuit design including PSCAN2, XIC, WR Spice and InductEx.